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PostAdmin on Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:05 am

Crush in it's normal/ordinary usage means a desire to be with someone who u find attractice and extremely special. It is the physical or emotional attraction towards people of opposite gender.
To have crush on the opposite gender is a sign of maturity and normal growth in young people. Signs Of Crush on the opposite gender include:
* undue closeness to the person concerned.
* rise in blood pressure which leads to rise in heartbeat whenever the person concerned is around.
* day dreaming of the opposite sex and disturbed sleep.
* isolation from friends and leaders who tend to correct their uncheck crush.
* praying that the person crush upon turn's out to be God's wil in marriage.
Many times some youth fail to control their crush which could be fatal, dangerous and deadly and this could result in:
- lack of concentration on studies.
- possibility of cotacting dangerous disease
- unwanted pregnancy or teenage pregnancy
- emotional depression
- rape&imprisonment
Pls share

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