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PostAdmin on Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:07 am

DATE: 28th March, 2018
TEXT: Matt 13 vs 25
But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the weeds and sowed tares among the wheat
The night particularly the midnight is a mysterious hour when workers of evil moves and evil spirit are dispatched. Many mysterious being are released in the night. That’s why it’s not good for people to move around at night.
And incase you didn’t know there are many spirit that are not human being dispatched at night parties. Those of you going to night parties, dancing with people you don’t know, God will have mercy on you. Those of you who make boyfriend and girlfriends/sugar daddies and sugar mummies at night parties, God will have mercy on you.
#Prayer point: my spirit reject the voice of my enemies
If you are careful reader of the bible, you will notice that many divine transactions took place at night. Now take for example, The Passover in Egypt took place at night, the death of Pharaoh and his host took place at night. The transfiguration of Jesus took place at night, the prayer at Gethsemane took place at night.
The night is an hour that many witches and wizards gathered to report people case
#prayer point: Satanic vigil held against me be scattered in the name of Jesus
In the night some arrays of power are released. Here are some of the powers released in the night
1. Dream manipulator (Powers that confuse you in dream, turn your enemies into your friend and vice versa)
2. Powers circulating your name for evil
3. Powers that swallows opportunities
4. Powers that cause trouble when it’s your time to shine
5. Powers assigned to stop your progress
6. Powers putting negative aura around
7. Powers pursuing divine helper from you
8. Powers of household idols
9. Powers that rage wars when you approach breakthrough
10. Stubborn spirit husband
11. Powers letting your helpers to forget you in crucial situation
Defensive strategies against powers released at night
1. Examine your life to always make sure you are fortified
2. Always praise and thank God before you sleep
3. Never go to bed with angry or fighting mood (In doing such, you are exposing yourself to attack)\
4. Never go to bed crying or in depressed mood (In doing such, you are inviting melancholy spirit i.e spirit of sorrows and tears)
5. Learn how to invite the presence of the holy spirit before you sleep
6. Never sleep while reading dirty novels, watching horror, sex and blue film, cracking dirty jokes
7. Command God’s angels to surround your room before you slip
8. Periodically anoint your room, if you are prone to bad dreams
9. If you have a terrible nightmare rehearsed it before God and cancel it
10. If you forget your dream, pray fervently for the holy spirit to remind you (Coz the enemies can erase the dream so you won’t be able to pray against it
11. Ensure you pray loud and aggressive before you sleep
Note: All these things won’t work if you have not given your life to Jesus, What are you waiting for…. Do that now
1. Organs of my body reject the voice of the grave
2. Resurrection powers, my life is available visit me by fire
3. Anointing that break yokes, break my yokes now.
Clap your hand aggressively while praying this prayer. So that you will send a terrifying noise to the camp of your enemies
4. Powers of the night, my life is not available, catch fire
5. Evil witchcraft coven reporting my case. Catch fire in the name of Jesus.
As you pray these prayers be rest assured that God will immunize you against power of the night. Thanks
OK you read this sermon, You can also save a life by sharing this post.
Pls share. Thanks for reading

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