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Topic: The Gate keeper (Key to the other world) by Joseph Daniel
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THE GATEKEEPER (Key to the other world)
Daniel turned back, guess what he saw, it was Rekauzo his once lost enemy
“What” he shouted with his mouth agape. He thought he killed the beast creature but unfortunately here was it again, this time not alone but with a pentacle necklace on his neck.
“Your magic is useless here gatekeeper” Rekauzo said.
“Fool I defeated you before and I will do that again” Daniel replied as he positioned himself to fight.
“Yeah, let’s do this” Rekauzo replied and before he could move, Daniel launched a lightening bolt at him.
“You think that will do” Rekauzo said as he repelled the attack with a snap of his finger.
Daniel fell heavily as he was taken by shock; two bat creatures came and carried him
“Tie him with this” Lother said, throwing a chain towards them
They removed their mask and Emmy was shocked at who he saw. It was the girl who helped him on his way to Ms. Betty office.
“You…” He exclaimed…
“The name is violet and hunter” The girl said trying to keep her sword but Emmy eyes caught something.
“That mark it seems familiar” He thought aloud.
“What’s that” hunter asked
“Nothing” He replied bringing out his bow and arrows to clarify something and there it is the same mark on his bow and arrows.
“What” He exclaimed and others came to see.
“Incredible” Violet shouted
“Hey guyz I’m confused” Emmy asked
“You are the third” Hunter replied
“Third what?” Emmy asked as they looked at him smiling…
“Once, twice and that was it, being tied down with an unbreakable chain” Daniel sat down feeling tired as he had tried effortlessly to break the chain.
He looked around with tears dropping freely from his eye, checking his wristwatch it remains three days  for the sacrifice to take place. He wasn’t sure how the sacrifice was going to be carried out and if he will be killed. All these made him confused. He regretted being the gatekeeper
“Why!” He shouted “Why am I chosen” He shouted “Come and take your powers, I don’t wanna be a gatekeeper” He shouted but a loud bang stopped him from saying anything further.
“I don’t think I’ve to warn again that noise is not allowed here boy” A bat creatures said waiving  a metallic rod at him
Daniel looked at him and spat on his face. “I don’t think I will have to remind you again to stop calling me a boy idiot” Boom! The metallic rod hit him again, this time blood was gushing slowly from his fore head as his latter wound has not been healed properly.
“You need to be taught some respect boy. A boy you are and a boy shall you be”  the bat creature said and walked out.
“Arrgh” Daniel shouted and fell down weakly.
Emmy looked at the two of them smiling at him.
“Violet, hunter, you haven’t answered my question”
“This bow was giving to you by grandpa right?” Hunter asked…
“Yeah” Emmy replied
“Then you are the third rangers” Violet said leaving Emmy stunned…
Do you think Emmy has some power, who are the rangers, will Daniel be killed.
Too short and slow right? I’m still working on that.

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