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Topic: The Gate keeper (Key to the other world) by Joseph Daniel
Replies: 37
Views: 4738
(Save the world)
Episode 1
The cloud darkens; Thunder strikes as Lother and his army appeared in earth. Someone looked up and saw them.
“Oh God, No… Angels, the world has ended” He shouted running through the city.
“Arise My army, Let’s feast” Lother said and his creature dispersed spewing fire on house as they flew around…
“Yes it’s time for me to regain my power, Hahaha the world shall witness my full power” Lother said bringing out a cross…
“Noooo, Impossible… He must not regain his full power” Mother Teresa shouted looking at the screen.
“Why mother” Betty asked….
“It all happened when I’m still a sorcerer” Mother Teresa started…
“ You’re going down Lother” Teresa shouted as she faced Lother
“Not until I said so” Lother replied, he dash Teresa a blow but she dodged it swiftly.
”Spirit of Phoenix” She shouted countering Lother’s attack
“Whoa, I see you using the gatekeeper powers”
“I think it’s time to bring you to where you belong” Mother Teresa said laughing as the giant phoenix stood in her front.
“Well, let’s see about that” Lother replied, “Spirit of the Lion” he shouted but was surprised by what he saw
“Hahaha” Teresa laughed as she absorbed the lion spirit with a pentacle.
“No!, What have you done?” Lother asked angrily.
“Well done Teresa” Other sorcerers said as they flew in.
“Now let finish this” They said in unison.
Joining hands together they made a portal to the other world and Lother was casted out but before he left he enchanted Rekauzo to follow him…
“80 percent of Lother power were sized but still he was still able to enchant Rekazo” Mother Teresa said
“The cross was hidden in your school”
“But you defeated her once mother” Betty asked…
“And so did your father the sage” Mother Teresa replied standing up in fury, “You need to understand Betty, being a mother sorcerer does not means I’m supreme, I’ve my Limitation” She added
“So what’s should we do now” Betty asked
“You’ve to save the world” Mother Teresa replied….
Lother brought out a cross, chanting some spell a glowing light came out of the cross.
”Lead and I will follow” Lother said laughing wickedly as the light leads to Ms. Betty school…
Student were in their various classroom when suddenly a loud thunder was heard, many students ran outside to check what’s happening.
“Hmmn, They won’t mind their business” Lother said angrily. He chanted some magic spell and creatures a ball of glowing thunders.
“You are all going to die” he said and threw the ball of thunder to them. But surprisingly the ball hanged midway…
“What did you think huh? You gonna kill the kids” A familiar voice said, turning back behold it was Daniel with Emmy standing beside him…
©️ Joseph Daniel 2018. All right reserved

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