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Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:58 pm

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Topic: THE BEGINING OF THE END (Wrath of Lucifer)
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THE BEGINNING OF THE END (Wrath of Lucifer) written by Joseph Daniel

Tags: #supernatural #horror #GhostFiction


No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrival system, or transmitted, in any form or by anymeans without the prior permission in writing to the author and publisher. If founded illegally please kindly contact the author with the contact above. Thanks for respecting the hard work of the author
Legally registered with copyright ©️... Anyone who copy will be charged for copyright infringement. Be Wise!!!


Dedicated to God almighty and Pst. T. Ayanfeoluwa whose sermon on dark world inspired me


Special thanks go to the almighty God for giving the wisdom, understanding and inspiration to drop this piece...


(Wrath of Lucifer) by Joseph Daniel


Jack was afraid as he stood up roaming about his room muttering some prayers, but he felt he was praying into an empty air. Gunshot was heard signifying the death of his guards. He never knew something like this could happen to him. He had heard his pastor preaching about premature but he thought it was imagination. He thought that could only happen to low-level class people. It was a worst nightmare to him, as the thought of being killed by a hired killer kept resurfacing in his brain. He tried to be confident but he felt his confidence has disappeared.
“No, Jack don’t worry, you won’t be killed” He tried re-assuring himself but it was not working. His hand was shaking terribly as he could hear footsteps coming near.
Suddenly the heavily secured iron door leading to his room cracked open revealing six men, each of them with a revolver. Jack knew his end has come. He felt the embracing hand of hell drawing near.
“Pls who are you?” He asked trembling
“Your worst nightmare”
One of the six appearing to be their leader replied, his voice was familiar, Jack thought he heard the voice frequently but he seems to forget where he heard the voice.
“What are you thinking” He asked Jack, this time trying to cover his voice to prevent Jack from recognizing him.
“I’ve to see his face,” Jack thought crazily, gathering the little strength remaining in him, he ran towards one of the assassin in bid to uncover his face but suddenly.... Boom!!! He was shot with the bullet penetrating his forehead... He fell down like a log of wood.
“Guyz let’s go” the leader of the assassin said as he moved out of the duplex and others followed suit...

Hahaha! Hahaha!! Hahaha!!! This is just the beginning of the end...
©️ Joseph Daniel All right reserved

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