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Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:46 pm

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The chief priest walked out in search of Jeff. He sighted him afar. He knew it will not be easy to convince Jeff. Then an idea dropped in his mind...
Jeff was sitting down under a mango tree. He saw an old and wrinkled old man walking towards him but he ignore him and turn his face to another direction. The old man stopped and moves towards Jeff.
He sat down with Jeff and started laughing sacrastically. Jeff looked at him and saw he was toothless. He turned his face in another and pretended as if he did not see him
The old stood up and walks to the direction Jeff was facing and started laughing pointing at Jeff
"Why are you so Jobless" Jeff asked
"Hahaha you are the one Jobless cos you are running away from your destiny" the old man said surprising Jeff
"Who are you" Jeff asked
"Hahaha the question is who are you" The old man replied
"You did not anything about me right" Jeff asked
"Sure I didn't anything about you but You are Jeff the real heir of Valencia Hahaha"The old man said and walked away
"La la la la" He sing as he walked away
Jeff opened his mouth surprised
"Wait" He managed to say
"any problem" The old man asked facing Jeff
"I want to... He tried to say but a sound interupted him
"What was that" He said asking no one in particular.
Then he heard the sound again and he discovered it was from his breast pocket. He put his hand in his pocket and brought out what was bringing the sound. He was surprised to see it was the compass he saw on the floor the day he met the dragon (Read episode 27&28 for more details about how he met the dragon).
He studied the compass well and he noticed it was made of gold. The more he looked at it the more the interest in him developed that he totally forget about the mysterious old man. His hand touched the tip of the compass and it gives a loud sound and suddenly the arrow in the compass started rotating with full speed. He looked at the arrow keenly and suddenly he fall into trance
#The #trance
Jeff found himself in the cloud. He looked up and saw a fire burning in the midst of water. He was surprised to see that fire have the shape of a human head. He tried to move closer to observe more But he heard his name
"Jeff, Jeff" He heard the fire called him
"Who are you and where am I" Jeff asked
"Who am I and where you are doesn't matter" The fire replied
"Hmmmn" Jeff replied
"How long will you keep running from your destiny Jefg, when will you face the challanges awaiting you" The fire said
"I'm not who you think I am, I am a nobody, why can't everybody just leave me alone"
"Shut up" The fire shouted as it boomed up. "Look up and see what will happen if you refuse to accept who u are" The fire said
Jeff looked up and saw a screen just like a tv on and He saw King Henry on a large throne and darkness overshadowed Valencia as everything there became greenish in colour and moving around were different kind of spirit some with two heads, three heads even four heads the spirits were moving around guarding King Henry Then he saw something that shocked him. He saw a beast as big as hulk there were 4 in number holding 4 captive. He noticed there are the people he met earlier which are: THE CHIEF PRIEST, KUSANDRA, DANIEL and guess who is the fourth Him (Jeff) himself.
The beast brought them towards King Henry.
"Hahahaha Kusandra we met again. Hahaha wait who am I seeing Haaa Jeff the chosen one welcome to the paradise of me Henry The greatest evil and your worst nightmare Hahaha" King Henry laughing
"Jealousness turn you evil Henry, over-Zealousness for power overshadowed your mind. But you can't get away with this because the chosen have be destined to save us" Kusandra said
"Hahaha I've already get away with this... Kill them all" King Henry screamed and a large stick or should it be called pestle were given to the beast.
They raise the pestle up and GBOOOAA!!! (I think you know what happened lolz) Immediately the screen or maybe tv off
"This is what happen when you forfeit your destiny as the chosenone. Note this there are three differnt bloods flowing which are blood of Henry, Betty and James" The fire said in a loud voice
"But Henry is not my father how come I have his blood"Jeff asked
"He donated his blood to you when you are short of blood many years ago. Now Go and make use of your power to save Valencia. There are some people that are destine to be your guardian you have met them before so Go Go Go"The fire said till his voice faded.
Jeff woked up from the trance a strong wind blowing furiously. He couldn't find the old man,
"Old man" He called but got no response
Quickly he stood up ran towards the direction of the chief priest house with the wind blowing his clothes and hair backward...
*******THE END*******
Hmmn the end of season 1 watch out for season 2 titled THE CLASH OF GODS (Battle for Justice).
I'm really sorry for all the errors.

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