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Topic: The Gate keeper (Key to the other world) by Joseph Daniel
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THE GATEKEEPER (Key to the other world)
Daniel stood up to run but he was caught, there was nowhere to run to, other creatures are coming from behind.
“You don’t wanna die do you?” He asked the giant snail creature in front of him.
“Give up boy” The creature replied
“Make me you prick” Daniel said as the creature run towards him. He transformed the floor into a slippery and muddy floor.
Booom! He hit the ground.
“This is just like training” He said and suddenly caught a rock flying to him from behind
“You guyz aren’t strong enough” Daniel said as he turned and threw a punch to the creature who threw the rock
“Is that all you guyz got” He said as he did a front flip dodging a kick from one the creatures.
“No… we are just starting with you” A voice said from above.
Daniel looked up to see the man who introduced himself as Ben Lother.
“Are you gonna stop me” Daniel asked feeling confident
“No we won’t, he will” Lother said pointing his hand backwards. Daniel turned back, he was shocked by what he saw
The portal closed and Emmy fell down on the floor and his bicycle flew off beside him. He heard some footstep behind him. He turned back but saw nobody. Suddenly, he saw something flying towards him. He ducked and was to see a living skeleton.
“Intruder” The skeleton said and immediately hundreds of skeletons came out from nowhere. “Intruders” They said. Emmy was surprised he was the only one there but he didn’t understand why the skeletons were calling intruders. Maybe they are more than one there.
A kick knocked Emmy down jolting him from his reverie.
“Intruder” The skeletons said and dashed towards him.
“This is no time for play” Emmy thought as he brought an arrow from his bag. It was an arrow given to him by his grandfather. He wasn’t sure if it will penetrate through but he just have give it a try.
Emmy fired an arrow towards a skeleton but surprisingly the skeleton caught it midway and threw it back to him, quickly he ducked but was countered by a punch from another skeleton which met him on his skull. He fell down with blood gushing out from his head.
“Intruder” The skeletons said as they rushed towards Emmy who was on the floor but just before they could reach him. They were blasted away.
“Meteor shower” A voice said and rock of fire were showered on the skeleton,. Boom they scattered on the floor.
Emmy looked up to see a boy and a girl coming down from a kind of a magical bike. He can’t recognized them due to their masked face.
“Who are you guyz” Emmy asked
“Fire blast” The boy said and blast off the skeleton behind Emmy.
“That was fun you know” The girl said and Emmy looked up, the voice seems familiar. He probably have heard it from somewhere.
“Pls may I see your face” Emmy asked.
“Sure” They said in unison and removed their mask.
“You” Emmy shouted as he saw…

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